Tuesday 27 September 2016




Amritsar, Sept. 25. Issuing a statement addressed to press a famous writer and agitator B.S.Goraya has alleged that the infamous Hindutava organisation RSS and a secret intelligence agency are behind the repeated cases of desecration of Sikh holy book the Guru Granth sahib. He alleged that the erstwhile touts who were engaged to counter the Khalistan movement are now being used in this nefarious activity. Goraya said that though these crooks are challenging the dignity of the brave nation of Sikhs yet the Sikhs should maintain their cool because the advice of Gurbani is that the Sikh should not loose his character on the face of evil. Goraya claimed that his religion teaches us patience (sabar) love for humanity and respect of feelings of others. Goraya said that the way they have now desecrated Hindu holy scripture Geeta along with Guru Grant shows that these people are not merely rogues they are cowards of the worst order. Geeta has been desecrated in view
of the possibility of war between India and Pakistan. He said the Sikhs can see through their game plan and will reciprocate their gesture in the event of war in appropriate terms. But surely, he said, “ We will not desecrate any scripture.” We will identify and punish these rascals. So the desecration of Geeta case in the present circumstances has opened the lid from the dirty cauldron. He said that this also needs to be noted that such incidences would not happen so long a Sikh was the prime minister which shows that some Govt agency is behind all this.

Goraya said  if comes about the war between India and Pakistan will offer us an opportunity to clear the outstanding dues. But he said unfortunately there appears to be a very remote possibility of war taking place.  The reason being because now the war head  (missiles) will reach right at the centres of power and homes of nuisance. A missile from Agra will demolish the terror fortress near Muzzafrabad and similarly the one from Sargoda will destroy Nagpur’s nepharious set up. Mind it in the event of war the enemy always tries to destroy the means of production and business. So the target would be Dalal Street in Bombay and its counterpart in Karachi. Surely the power headquarter both in Islamabad and Delhi will in threat.

 There are several media establishments like the TV channels, papers etc who have always been mongering the war. Goraya said he is happy that they will also feel the ‘warmth’ of war.  It will be first time that the whole country will feel the heat of war. Earlier it would have been the border people who bore the brunt. Goraya has suggested that Punjabis should welcome war because it will destroy the tension of 70 years and ultimately there will be dawn of peace. There is a famous English proverb, ‘War Brings Peac.’  War will also settle the Kashmir imbroglio. No doubt the war brings a lot of destruction and death but we Punjabis are already facing the fire when our house i.e the holy book is on fire day out and day in.(Opinion)

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