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RSS Uneasy over Repairs of Sikh Shrines in Pakistan

RSS Uneasy over Repairs of Sikh Shrines in Pakistan

B.S.GorayaJun 29, 2007
RSS Uneasy over Repairs of Sikh Shrines in Pakistan
The Punjabi newspaper Ajit dated 29-6-07 has carried
out a front page news item wherein it is stated that
the Sikhs are concerned over the alteration of Sikh
architecture to give Islamic outlook at the time of
repairs and maintenance of Sikh shrines in Pakistan.
While no solid proof of alleged alterations have been
given and neither any prominent Sikh quoted and
straightaway this serious allegation has been made. We
feel this is all to discourage Pakistani authorities
taking up repairs work. The only person who has been
vaguely quoted in the news item is Bibi Kiranjot Kaur
grand daughter of late Sikh leader Master Tara Singh.
We telephoned Bibiji to lodge our protest and were
surprised to note that even Bibiji disowned the news
item and rather alleged that it was a ‘generated’ news
We on the contrary feel that Sikh archeology is better
preserved in Pakistan than in our own country.
We feel fanatic Hindu organisation the RSS is behind
this news item. It may be noted that RSS has already
made serious in roads in the apex Sikh body the
Shromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee Amristar. There
are allegation that RSS has got Sikh standard the
Nishan sahib altered from yellow to bhagwa the saffron
and as a matter of fact on all SGPC run gurdwaras it
is the bhagwa flag that unfurls. A large number of old
Sikh buildings have been got demolished from which RSS
was feeling uncomfortable. Like Lohgarh Gurdwara
Amritsar the first Sikh fortress has been completely
erased. The fort had up to 8 feet wide walls and it
would have lasted until there were moon and the sun.
The most serious damage that RSS is doing to Panth is
installation of posters around the shrines where in
Sikhs have been advised not to recite Gurbani before
it is dawn. Unfortunately Panthic leaders are silent
on it for obvious reasons.
We have lodged our protest with the Ajit daily in the
form of press note. Though Ajit seldom gives space to
our views.

Punjab Monitor Magazine

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