Thursday 16 April 2020


China has occupied thousands of sq. kms of Indian territory. China is now only 500 kms away from Bay of Bengal coast. It has also recently given a deadly gift to entire world.
On the other hand Pakistan has been on the receiving end during all the battles India fought against her (except of course the Kargil one). India also often faces international embarrassment on Kashmir issue.

Yet India considers Pakistan as enemy number one and China a friend.  Chinese consumer goods are flooding the Indian market while ban on Pakistani goods. India chauvinism boasts of its highest statue in world so what if it is got built by none other than a Chinese company. Not only this, India has constructed an iron-wall on Pakistan border while the roads to Chinese border are under construction. The recent trend of competition between the two is; 'WHOSE FLAG IS MORE IN HEIGHT ON THE BORDER.'
I often think about why India behaves in this manner? My attention goes to the respective media of the two countries. Both spare no effort in injecting venom against each others country.
I may be wrong but I feel the root cause of all this is feeling of intolerance of Muslim masses of the other faiths. This intolerance, I believe, is in action for many centuries now. All Muslim majority countries have cleared themselves from members of other faith. The brave Pathans of Afghanistan were of course last to succumb to this philosophy.
I may be wrong but I believe that whenever a Muslim meets a non- Muslim his first and foremost internal wish is that the non-Muslim should convert to Islam.
The Hindus have a strange outlook towards minorities. (No doubt of course now Hindu fanaticism is competing rather surpassing Islamic fanatics)
My father S. Mansa Singh was angutha-chhap the illiterate. But he had a 26 year long experience of living as a soldier with Muslim, Hindus and English men.  He served in 14 Scinde Horse Risala. My father would say:
"An English man encourges you to adhere to the principles of Sikhism, a Muslim wishes that you become a Muslim while a Hindu wants you to shed the principles of Sikhism." (If you want to confirm the last part of the statement see any Bollywood movie where a Sikh actor is shown)
I am not an intellectual but being B.Sc, MA, L.Lb-1,  JD, I am supposed to be an educated person. When it comes to the understanding of communities, I believe my father was far more wiser than me. I strongly believe the respective governments should pay attention to the opinion of my uneducated father if they want the world to be more live able. Unfortunately the respective Govts have all along served to this mass madness instead  of containing it.  
I think this is the root cause of preference of China to Pakistan. Unfortunately every Govt wants to be popular with the masses. No one bothers about principles.
My view is; rather with the spread of education fanaticism is on the rise every where.
(Some 5-6 years ago, I posted the above message on Facebook. Amusingly a Govt tout raised a question, "Did not your father give opinion about the Sikhs?" I said no but his son can attempt. You only need the tactics to use these people and they are rather waiting. Just praise them on their face.)
Bhabishan Singh Goraya

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