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My Facebook friend list has one Russian lady. I saw some horrifying photos of torture and killings on her wall. I requested her to translate the article in English. She has accordingly sent the translation which appears to be mechanical one. I am however reproducing the article as it is. I have also referred it to Wikipedia and it gives the following description of Red Terror.

"The Red Terror in Soviet Russia refers to a campaign of mass killings, torture, and systematic oppression conducted by the Bolsheviks after seizing power in Petrograd and Moscow. In Soviet historiography, the Red Terror is described as having been officially announced on 2 September 1918 by Yakov Sverdlov and ended about October 1918. However, many historians, beginning with Sergei Melgunov, apply this term to political repression during the whole period of the Russian Civil War, 1918–1922. The mass repressions were conducted by the Cheka (the Bolshevik secret police), together with elements of the Bolshevik military intelligence agency (the GRU). "

Hitherto, I believed that the magnitude of massacre of Punjabis in 1947 was unprecedented in human history but unfortunately when I referred to Red Terror the communists have surpassed any community in killing their co-humans they called bourgeoisie. Read what the historian of massacres  believe about the magniture of  Red Terror:-

Daniel Goldhagen argues that 20th century Communist regimes "have killed more people than any other regime type." Other scholars in the fields of Communist studies and genocide studies, such as Steven Rosefielde, Benjamin Valentino, and R.J. Rummel, have come to similar conclusions. Rosefielde states that it is possible the "Red Holocaust" killed more non-combatants than "Ha Shoah" and "Japan's Asian holocaust" combined, and "was at least as heinous, given the singularity of Hitler's genocide." Rosefielde also notes that "while it is fashionable to mitigate the Red Holocaust by observing that capitalism killed millions of colonials in the twentieth century, primarily through man-made famines, no inventory of such felonious negligent homicides comes close to the Red Holocaust total." 

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Any way here is the article I am referring to translated from Russian site:-


N.B- Please this is a machine translation

No imagination is not able to imagine a picture of torture. People stripped naked , tied hands with a rope and hung from the girders in such a way that the feet barely touching the ground , and then slowly and gradually shot with machine guns, rifles or revolvers . Gunner disintegrate first leg in order that they could not support the torso , and then induces the sight in his arms , and as such left hanging his victim bleeding ... Stay agony sufferers , it takes again to shoot them in different places as long as a living person is not turned into a bloody mess , and only then finished off her shot in the forehead. Immediately sat and admired executions invited "guests" who drank wine, smoked and played the piano or balalaika ...

Often practiced excoriation with living people , for which they were thrown into boiling water , made cuts on the neck and around the hands, forceps dragged the skin, and then thrown into the cold ... This method is practiced in Kharkov Cheka , which was headed by " Comrade Edward " and convict Saenko . By Bolshevik exile from Kharkov Volunteer Army discovered in the cellars of the Cheka many " gloves " . So called grazed with hands together with nails leather. Excavation pits where the dead bodies were thrown , found traces of some monstrous operations on the genitals , the essence of which could not determine even the best surgeons Kharkov ... The corpses of former officers , moreover, were cut with a knife or burned by fire epaulets on the shoulders , forehead - Soviet star, and on his chest - insignia , were cut off noses , lips and ears ... Female corpses - severed breasts and nipples , etc., etc. A lot of people have been flooded in basements chrezvychaek where herded accidents and then opened the taps .

In St. Petersburg , headed the Cheka stood Lett Peters translated then to Moscow . By joining his office as " chief of internal defense ," he forthwith shot more than 1,000 people , and ordered to throw the corpses into the Neva River , which dumped the body and shot them in the fortress officers. By the end of 1917 in St. Petersburg was still tens of thousands of officers who survived the war , and more than half of them were shot by Peters and then Uritsky Jew . Even according to Soviet data , clearly false, Uritsky was shot more than 5,000 officers.

Translated in Moscow , Peters , among other assistants who had Latyshko Krause, filled with blood literally the entire city. No way to pass all that is known about this woman - beast and its sadism . Told that she terrorized one of its kind that led to thrill his unnatural excitement ... She mocked his victims invents the most brutal kinds of torment mainly in the sexual sphere and stopped them only after exhaustion and the onset of sexual response . Objects of its torments were mostly young men , and no pen able to convey that the Satanist produced with their victims , what operations are doing on them ... Suffice it to say that such operations lasted for hours and she stopped them only after writhe in suffering young people turned into bloody corpses frozen with terrified eyes ...
Her worthy employee was no less perverted sadist Orlov, whose specialty was to shoot the boys , whom he dragged from their homes , or caught in the streets ...

" ... Such event held usually the best town house and placed in the most luxurious apartments. Here sat countless " investigators . " After the usual questions about personality , occupation and residence began questioning about the political beliefs of party affiliation , the attitude of the Soviet authorities to its ongoing program and stuff, then under threat of execution required addresses close and relatives of the victim , and a range of other issues , it is meaningless , calculated that the interviewee knock , entangled in his testimony and that would pave the way for the presentation of specific charges .

Offers hundreds of questions , answers carefully recorded , after which the interviewee was transferred to another investigator . The latter began questioning first and offered literally the same questions , but in a different order , and then handed the victim a third investigator , then the fourth , etc. up until driven to exhaustion defendant agreed to accept any answers , arrogated to himself the non-existent crime and gave himself at the disposal of the executioners. Polished and elaborated methods handed down in a relaxed manner and to the present day . There were still more terrible trials , even more brutal torture.
In Trotsky's pamphlet published "October Revolution" he boasts not RUINED power of the Soviet regime. "We are so strong - he says - that if tomorrow we will state in the decree requires that the entire male population of Petrograd was on a certain day and hour on the Field of Mars , that each received 25 strokes of rods , the 75% would immediately and were would be in the tail and only 25% thought more prudent to stock up on medical certificate exempting them from corporal punishment ... "

In Kiev, such event was dominated Latvian Latsis . His assistants were Avdohin , " Comrade Vera ," Rose Schwartz and other girls . There were fifty chrezvychaek . Each of them had its own staff , or rather the executioners , but between them the greatest cruelty distinguished aforementioned girls . In one of the cellars of the Cheka was arranged sort of theater where seats were arranged for lovers bloody spectacle , and on the stage , ie on the stage , made penalty. After each successful shot shouts of " bravo ", " bis " and executioners were brought champagne glasses . Rose Schwartz personally killed several hundred people crammed into the pre- box at the top of which was done by opening for the head. But the shooting was on target for these girls only boxed fun and not excited already dulled their nerves. They demanded more thrills, and to this end, Rose and " Comrade Vera " gouged eye needles , or burned them with cigarettes , or were killed under the nails thin nails .

In Odessa raged famous butchers Deitch and Wichmann with the whole staff servants , among whom were Chinese and one black , whose specialty was preying upon the people , looking them in the face , and his white teeth smiling . Here famous and Vera Grebenshikov , which became known under the name " Dora " . She personally shot 700. Among the instruments of torture were not only weights, hammers and crowbars, which broke the head, but tweezers with which stretched veins , and so-called " stone bag " , with a small opening at the top , where people are crowding in , breaking bones , and where in a crouched especially as they were doomed to insomnia. Purposely the oversight of the guard had to follow the unhappy, not letting him sleep. Fed him rotten herrings and tortured thirst. Here were the main Dora and 17 -year-old prostitute Sasha , shot more than 200 people. Both were sadistic and cynical superior Lager Latyshko Krause.

In Pskov, all captured officers were given the Chinese, who sawed their saws to pieces. In Blagoveshchensk, all the victims were vonzennye Cheka under the finger nails and toes gramophone needles . In Simferopol Ashikin security officer forced his victims , both men and women , pass it completely naked , looked round at them from all sides , and then cut off the saber blow ears, noses and hands ... Bleeding accidents asked him to shoot them to stop flour , but coolly Ashikin approach for each individual , their eyes gouged out , and then ordered to cut off their heads .

In Sevastopol, people linked groups hit them sabers and revolvers serious wounds and half-dead thrown into the sea . In the Sevastopol port were places where divers for a long time refused to go down two of them , after visited the bottom of the sea , crazy. When the third decided to dive into the water , then went out, and said he saw a crowd drowned bound feet to large stones. Their hands over the water driven by hair was disheveled . Among the dead priest in a cassock with wide sleeves , raising his hands as if it uttered a terrible ...

In such event Pyatigorsk killed all their hostages and cut out almost the entire city . The hostages were taken away by the city, the cemetery, with hands tied behind their backs with wire. They were forced to kneel in the corner of the excavated pit and began to cut their arms , legs , back, gouge out eyes with bayonets , pull teeth , strutting their bellies and stuff.

In Crimea, the KGB , not limited to the execution of prisoners of Sisters of Charity , after raping them, and sisters stocked poison to avoid dishonor .

According to official figures , but we know how Soviet "official" information accurate, in 1920-21 , after the evacuation of General Wrangel , in Feodosia were executed 7,500 people in Simferopol - 12 000 in
Sevastopol - Yalta in 9000 - 5000 . These figures must, of course , double , for some officers who remained in the Crimea, was shot as newspapers , more than 12 000 people , and accomplished this task , Bela Kun , who said ,
Crimea is three years behind the revolutionary movement, and it must be put in a single blow with the level of the whole of Russia .

After the occupation of the Baltic Cities in January 1919 Estonian troops killed graves were opened , and then it was found mutilated corpses in appearance , with what cruelty Bolsheviks dealt with his victims . Many of those killed were razmozhzheny skull so that the head hung as tree stumps on the trunk. Most of the victims prior to their execution had bayonet wounds, twisted inwards, broken bones . One of the escapees told that he was taken to the fifty-six arrested and placed over the grave . First began to shoot women. One of them tried to escape and fell wounded , while the killer pulled her legs into the pit , five of them jumped on her feet and trampled to death.

In Siberia, the KGB , besides those already described torture still used as follows: in a flower pot and planted a rat tied to his or her stomach , or the anus , and through a small round hole on the bottom of the pot passed glowing rod , which burned rat. Escape from suffering and having no other way out, rat teeth dug into the stomach and gnaws a hole through which crawled out into the stomach , bowel tearing , and then get out , gnawing through an outlet in the back or side ...

The whole country was turned into a huge concentration camp . You can not resist not to bring some excerpts from the article Diveyev published in 1922 abroad. Copyright beautifully depicts manners reigned at the time. " About half a year ago led me to meet one person who spent the entire 1918 in Moscow Butyrskaya. One of the most difficult duties of prisoners were shot and burying digging deep trenches to bury the victims of the next shot. This work was carried out every day .

Prisoners were taken by truck under the supervision of armed guards to Khodynskoe field , sometimes Vagan'kovskoe cemetery warden measured out wide man's height , ditch , whose length is determined by the intended victims . Dug graves for 20-30 people , prepared ditches and many dozens more. Forced laborers had not seen the shot , because there were those at the time of their arrival is " zaprisypany earth " by the hands of the executioners . Prisoners could only fill ditches and earth mound along the moat that engulfed another victim Cheka ... "

Increase cruelty reached such enormous proportions and at the same time became so commonplace that all of this can be explained by mental contagion that swept up and down the entire population . Before our eyes in the face of Eastern Europe passed a wave of intense violence and brutal sadism that the number of victims is far reserve and the Middle Ages and the French Revolution . Russia welcomes back to the times of the Middle Ages , resurrecting from the ashes to the minutest detail all their features , as if deliberately to give historians of the Middle Ages , living in XX century, at the same time to experience and explore the tyranny and darkness of the Middle Ages . "

If my facts are implausible , but it can happen - before they are incredible , and from the point of view of normal people are not allowed , then I ask them to check , studying at least only with the foreign press , since 1918 , and the view of the newspaper "Victore", "Times", "Le Travail", "Journal de Geneve", "Journal des Debats" and other ...

Prince Zhevakhov
his other books
The Red Terror in Russia. 1918-1923

The book is a major historian of the revolution and the Civil War S. Melgunov " Red Terror in Russia. 1918-1923 " is documentary evidence of the atrocities of the Bolsheviks committed under the banner of the struggle against class enemies in the first years after the October perevorota. Ona based on the testimony gathered by the historian from various sources, but primarily from the print media itself Cheka ( " Cheka Weekly " magazine " Red Terror " ) , before his expulsion from the USSR . Printed on the 2nd enlarged edition (Berlin, publ " Barnard " , 1924). The book includes previously unpublished essays in Russian about the leaders of the Cheka " Chekist Olympus" and other materials S. Melgunov on the subject of emigre press. The book is provided with documentary photographs of materials special commission to investigate the crimes of the Bolsheviks in 1918-1919 . and other sources.

Jewish atrocities ... KGB Red Terror :

August 30, 1919 under Denikin Brovary pitched red . Many residents , despite the fact that the shells exploded in the city rushed to the door to look for the Cheka loved ones. Eerie sight presented itself to their eyes . As written witness Catherine Gough :
" A strong putrid smell hit in the face. Walls were spattered with blood ... Paul several vershoks was stained with blood . On the floor , just hit the butcher lay human brains . Middle of the garage was an excavation where usually down before the driver during fix the car. Before opening was a huge tree felling , all bloodied. On it lay a sword , also covered in blood . Here were cut head or applied any bloody torture ... hole , as though water was filled with blood. On the wall is a huge loop and lay a piece of iron - as it turned out , it was an instrument of torture with a hot iron . "

" If we just dug up the corpse of a girl of 17 years . Completely naked , lying this girl , almost a child , in front of us . Her head mutilated beyond recognition , the whole body was bruised and wounds . A hands ! These hands bore traces of wild atrocities. With them was lifted up to the elbow and leather strapped whitened some bigot piece of paper . on it was written : " bourgeois glove " ... The mutilated corpses of relatives tried to identify at least the teeth - but gold teeth and bridges were torn by the KGB ... forehead male victims were cut officer badges , chest belt , epaulets on the shoulders . "

The Red Terror in Russia. 1918 1923 Pytki and torture that were used against the Russian people zhidokommunisty innumerable. Such degenerates and geeks could not give birth to normal women . Do these people are the scum of the schizoid and monstrous fanatics ?

" In Ekaterinodare , for example , torture is as follows: the victim stretched on the floor of the dungeon . Two burly security officers pulled over his head and two shoulders , stretching the neck muscles in this way , according to which at this time of the fifth security officer has a blunt instrument of iron , often handle revolver or browning . Neck blistering , mouth and nose bleeds . Victim suffers enormous suffering in solitary confinement ... tortured teacher Dombrowski for being found in her suitcase with officer things left that happens to pass an officer , her relative ... her pre- raped and then tortured. raped by seniority rank. Friedman first security officer raped , then others. After she was tortured , inquiring where she allegedly hidden gold. at first naked body incised with a knife, then iron tongs , pliers limb crush fingers. .. November 6, 9:00 pm it was shot " ( VN Smooth , " The Jews " ) .

" In the village of torture used in the Caucasian iron glove. This is a massive piece of iron, is mounted on the right hand , with inserted therein small nails. Upon impact , except for extreme pain from an array of iron , the victim suffers incredible suffering from superficial wounds , which will soon be covered with pus. The newspaper " Common Cause " reporter said: " In Simferopol used a new kind of torture , arranging enema of broken glass , and put candles under the genitals. In Caricino used to put on a hot griddle tortured ... "

Here is a description of one of the Kiev Cheka ( " slaughter " as they were called ) . After the occupation of Kiev Volunteer Army in August 1919, the Commission took note of it : " ... the cement floor of a large garage ( it is a matter of the " massacre " of the provincial Cheka ) was flooded longer run, due to the heat, and stood a few inches blood mixed in a terrible weight of the brain , cranial bones , tufts of hair and other human remains . walls were spattered with blood on them next to thousands of bullet holes particles stuck to the brain and head pieces of skin. from the middle of the garage in the next room , where there was an underground drain, led trough quarter- meter width and depth and about 10 meters long . This trough was all the way to the top is filled with blood ... Next to this place of horror in the garden of the same house lay hastily buried 127 corpses surfactant latest massacre ... Here we particularly struck that all corpses were razmozhzheny skull , many even quite flattened head. Probably they were killed by some razmozhzheniya head unit . Some were entirely without a head , but do not chop off their heads , and came off ... All corpses were naked . " If how to dig and compare Jewish slaughterhouse and CHK - get the same thing .

The Red Terror in Russia. 1918 1923Takoe obscurantism happening in almost all cities , where it was the Cheka . In Odessa, was widely known hangman Vera Grebennyukova ( Dora ) . About her crimes were legendary . She tore hair, limbs hacked off , cut off ears , wrenched cheekbones and so on. For two and a half months of her life in her one of the Cheka was shot more than 700 people. In Vologda raged Rebekah Plastinina ( Meisel ) , she personally shot more than 100 people . This ex-wife is cedar then raging in the Arkhangelsk region . The newspaper " Voice of Russia " in 1922 reported that Meisel - shot Kedrova own 87 officers , 33 inhabitants, the barge sank with 500 refugees and army soldiers Miller. In Odessa, chief executioner was a Latvian woman with bestial face . As a rule , all these premature embryos used cocaine . It helps them do their job . And Moscow's main executioner Magician shot in his lifetime 11,000 people.

So what really happened ? Great Socialist Revolution ? Great ? No, tragic . Socialist ? No, Jewish . For Jews seized power in all spheres of state and then passed it inherited through their controlled Politburo . Revolution? Where is it found this revolution ? After October 24-25 ( November 6-7 ) in 1917 in Petrograd uprising was not any . Only on October 26 ( November 8) morning city residents learned that the Provisional Government arrested , and power passed to the Council of " folk " commissioners appointed II Congress of Soviets .

Here is what Academician Dorodnitsyn recalls those times : " ... it is not strange , but I have never been to the Commissioner of the Red Army was Russian , not to mention the Ukrainians . How do I know about ethnicity commissioners ? My father was doctor . therefore held command of all military units always stay with us. our village was not far from Kiev, and until we heard rumors about what's going on Kiev Cheka ... Even children in the village named frightened local Cheka Bluvshtejn . When Kiev and our village Denikin occupied , the father went to Kiev to procure medicines for the hospital. Zavala corpses - victims of the Cheka - have not yet been dismantled, and their father saw with my own eyes . corpses with nails torn out , flayed the shoulder straps in place and stripes , dead bodies, crushed under the pressure . but the most terrible picture , he saw it was 15 dead skulls punched some blunt instrument , empty inside. Servants told him what was the torture. One pierced his head , and forced to eat the next brain. then punched the head of this next and forced to eat his brain the next ... " . Yes , the medieval Inquisition compared to the KGB - it's just a noble institution salvation of lost souls 

(Regretted that all the photos are not being immediately posted as quality of some photos is miserably poor.
Photo 11-1 . Executioner - NM Demyshev . Chairman of the Executive Committee of Yalta , one of the organizers of St. Bartholomew red . Executed after the liberation of white Evpatoria.

Photo 11-2 . Executioner - Kebabchants , nicknamed bloody. Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of Evpatoria , member of St. Bartholomew . Executed white.

Photo 11-3 . Female executioner - Varvara Grebennikova ( Nemich ) . In January 1920, sentenced to death and officers aboard the bourgeoisie Romania . Executed white.

Photo 12-1 . Executioner. Member of St. Bartholomew in Yalta and shootings on Romania. Executed white.

Photo 12-2 . Executioner. Member of St. Bartholomew in Yalta and shootings on Romania. Executed white.

Photo 12-3 . Executioner. Member of St. Bartholomew in Yalta and shootings on Romania. Executed white.

Photo 13-1 . Female executioner. Participant of St. Bartholomew in Yalta and shootings on Romania. Executed white.

Photo 13-2 . Female executioner. Participant of St. Bartholomew in Yalta and shootings on Romania. Executed white.

Photo 13-3 . Female executioner. Participant of St. Bartholomew in Yalta and shootings on Romania. Executed white.

Photo 14. Kherson Cheka executioners .

Photo 15. Dora Gavle , younger than 20 years old, female executioner penalty in Odessa Cheka own hands 400 officers .

Photo 16. Saenko Stepan Afanasyevitch concentration camp commandant in Kharkov.

Photo 17. Corpses hostages were executed in the Kharkiv prison.

Photo 18. Kharkiv . Corpses hostages died under torture Bolsheviks.

Photo 19. Kharkiv . The corpses of tortured women hostages . Second left - Ivanov , petty shop owner . Third from the left - AI Karolskaya , the colonel's wife . Fourth - L. Khlopkov landowner . All cut up alive and vyluscheny chest , genitals and burned them in the coals found .

Photo 20. Kharkiv . Body hostage lieutenant Bobrow , who butchers tongue cut out , cut off the hands and skinned along the left leg.

Photo 21. Kharkiv, yard Cheka . Corpse hostage Ponomarenko , a former telegraph operator . Right hand chopped off . Across the chest several deep cuts . In the background, two more corpses .

Photo 22. Corpse hostage Ilia Sidorenko, owner of the fashion shop in the city of Sumy . We killed broken hands , broken ribs , cut open the genitals. Martyred in Kharkov.

Photo 23. Snegirevka station , near Kharkov . The corpse of a tortured woman. The body was found clothing. Head and shoulders were cut off ( at the opening of the graves found were not ) .

Photo 24. Kharkiv . Corpses piled in the cart .

Photo 25. Kharkiv . Corpses tortured in the KGB .

Photo 26. Kharkov gubcheka yard ( Garden Street , 5) with the corpses of executed .

Photo 27. Concentration in Kharkov. Tortured to death.

Photo 28. Kharkiv . Photo head Archimandrite Rodion Spassovsky monastery scalped Bolsheviks.

Photo 29. Excavation of one of the mass graves in front of the Kharkov Cheka.

Photo 30. Kharkiv . Excavations of the mass grave of victims of the Red Terror .

Photo 31. The farmers and C. I. Afanasyuk Prakapovich scalped alive . In passing , I. Afanasyuka , burn marks on the body Glow checkers.

Photo 32. The bodies of three workers were on strike hostages plant. The average , Ivanenko, scorched eyes , lips and nose cut off . Other - severed hands.

Photo 33. Corpse officer killed red .

Photo 34. The bodies of four peasant hostages ( Bondarenko, the Bad , and Levenetc Sydorchuk ) . Person dead scared indented . Special savage way mutilated genitals. Generating expertise doctors suggested that this technique should only be known by the Chinese executioners and the degree of pain exceeds all available human imagination.

Photo 35 . Left dead hostage Mikhailova , deli clerk , apparently zarublennoy sword . Middle body flogged to death ramrod with a broken lower back , teachers Petrenko. Right corpse Agapov with vyvorochennye previously described torture genitals.

Photo 36. Corpse 17 - 18 - year old boy , with cut down sideways and mutilated face .

Photo 37 . Perm . St. George station . Corpse of a woman . Three fingers of his right hand clenched for baptism .

Photo 38 . Jacob Chus badly wounded Cossack left by the retreating White Guard. Approached red doused with gasoline and burned alive .

Photo 39 . Siberia . Yenisei province . Ivanov officer martyred under torture.

Photo 40 . Siberia . Yenisei province . The corpses of tortured victims of Bolshevik terror . In Soviet Encyclopedia Civil War and military intervention in the USSR ( Moscow, 1983 , p. 264 ) this picture, in a slightly different perspective , given the sample of victims of Kolchak in Siberia in 1919.

Photo 41. Dr. Belyaev, Czech. Brutally murdered in Verkhneudinsk . The photographs showed a severed hand and disfigured face .

Photo 42 . Eniseisk . Captive Cossack officer brutally murdered red ( burnt legs, arms and head) .

Photo 43 . The victim before his death had been broken up.

Photo 44 . Odessa . The reburial of victims from mass graves unearthed after the departure of the Bolsheviks.

Photo 45 . Pyatigorsk, 1919 . Excavation of the mass graves with the bodies of hostages who were executed by the Bolsheviks in 1918.

Photo 46 . Pyatigorsk, 1919 . The reburial of victims of Bolshevik terror . Dirge .



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