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Those Haunting Memories of Kartarpur

A Letter from erstwhile Kartarpur resident.
Those Haunting Memories of Kartarpur

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Comments - My place of birth is Village Doda(Darbar Sahib Kartarpur). I am now an old man of 72 years(Born in 1932). So long I have lived on memories linked with my village, the Mandir and Dharamsal there and the people, who were mostly Mahajans and Brahmans living in our neighbourhood. Those memories still haunt and I have an earnest wish to be able to move about freely in and around Darbar Sahib, where Masya(Amavas-monthly congregation) and fair of Dasvin( Joti-jot Samavan Divas of Guru Nanak Dev Ji)and Vaisakhi were celebrated/organised with great devotion and grandeur. I vividly remember Tayaji Bhai Malang,Sohan Lal and Bhai Gian Chand Sweetmeat sellers in the village and at Darbar Sahib during the Melas referred to above. Taaies Dhan Dai, one a Brahaman and another a Mehri, I miss for the love and affection, which they showered on me and other members of my family, whenever we were there in the village. Taaya Fateh Chand, a Mehra in our neighbourhood and husband of Taai Dhan Dai was a unique personality, full of love and affection.
Then Jaasar Junction, in whose vicinity was Mandi Pandori- my Naankey. We lived in Rawalpindi but during second world war and the riots in Pindi in March,1947, I alongwith my mother had to stay in Mandi-Pandori and I attended Khalsa High School, Narowal for my 5th grade and from April,1947 to August,1949 for 10th Class. To Narowal, I went along with my maternal cousin Bhaa Gurbachan Singh, his friend Bhaa Harwant Singh from village Qiampur. We would have a race to reach Narowal or would travel(without ticket) to and fro Narowal, when train or rail car(Dabba) timings suited. Another personality in my mind is that of Bhaa Sadhu Singh, from Village Kakkeke, who would some times join us at Jassar Railway Station to either march on foot to Narowal or board the train.The wonderful booking clerk was Mr. Aziz, who knew that we travelled without ticket, turned away to other side on seeing us students, alighting from the train. I wish to do something for my birthplace and serve Darbar Sahib Kartarpur, before I die. Please pray for me and help me establish contact with any person anywhere in the world having any link withe era and the described area in Pakistan. Please keep me informed about any thing latest related to Darbar Sahib Kartarpur. 

And one more from Narowal

Re: [kartarpur] Greetings to all Sikhs brothers living on the other side of Narowal

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  • B.S Goraya
    Aug 28, 2005
    Respected Butt sahib,
    Perhaps you are expecting opening of Kartarpur in view
    of my letter of a month ago where I had hopes that the
    preparation are on way for opening of Kartarpur for
    Indian devotee. But I have in my latest mail clarified
    that our hopes seem betrayed, perhaps the Indian
    Government has not so for approved Sikhs visiting
    Kartarpur without any passport. Though a jatha of
    Kuldip Singh wadala from Jalandhar will be visiting
    via Lahore.
    In case you have some direct information or news
    please share with us.

    --- zabutt45 <> wrote:

    > Dear all brothers, .... People of Narowal are
    > looking to the day when
    > Government of Pakistan will allow Sikhs to visit
    > Darbar Sahib
    > Kartarpur and we welcome this step. I hear the Pak
    > Government is
    > likely to allow Sikh brothers to come to the Darbar
    > on September 22. I
    > am unfortunaly in the USA at the moment and will not
    > be able to watch
    > this historic occasion but my family in Narowal town
    > will be there to
    > welcome any body who comes there. Even you can stay
    > with my nephew,
    > Musa-deq Butt, Advocate. Musa-deq is grandson of
    > late Ch. Ghulam
    > Mohammad Butt who was President of the city
    > Municipality in 1947. I
    > hope all those who migrated from Narowal know him
    > and Musa-deq Butt,
    > adovate, is the son of late Anwer Ali Butt, ex-MPA,
    > Narowal.
    > I am in touch with Mr. Bajwa in Amritsar for I am to
    > publich a
    > detailed book on Narowal and, a full chapter will be
    > included on Baba-
    > je Guru Nanak Sahib.
    > All friends are invited to send me any interesting
    > detail regarding
    > Narowal or Darbar Sahib Kartarpur.

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