Sunday 20 September 2015

A Sad Commentary

A Sad Commentary
There are thousands of religious sites within the borders of the other nations. But the Sikh nation has more sites than any other faith because of the bifurcation of their country and their migration to India. When the Partition was planned it meant migration of 30% of their total population. It is an unfortunate but harsh reality that the Sikh leaders of the day were so naive that they could not understand the implications of the phenomenon that was going. Many external observers have commented so. Even the highest British  Indian authority namely Lord Wavell had openly commented  the Sikh leaders were a 'stupid' lot.  One journalist commented that the Sikh leaders were so unaware that when the life line of their body was being cut they were waving swords or twisting their moustaches. Many a diplomats offered them advice but they were  'intoxicated' beyond senses. The chief player during those times was Master Tara Singh president of Shromani Akali Dal.
This man Tara Singh later repented when he opened his eyes only when he was jailed in the 'free India'. There after he lamented. But it was of no use crying over the milk that was already split.
But there is again a silver lining. Today the Sikh population is in majority in what is called the Punjab province of India. Before Partition they did not enjoy majority even in a district.

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