Friday, 24 June 2016



Guru Nanak has repeatedly emphasized that God created variety in His universe. But because he is possessed by the instinct of ego, man on the contrary thinks that he only is right, what he is wearing is right, what he eats is right what religion I am following is right, etc. Man wishes that others follow his group or his religion. This is the root cause of conflict in the world; among individuals, among groups and among nations.
But once you realize this negative instinct of man you begin to respect others feelings. You start thinking that you are right but others have right to have different approach from you. Once you realize this you will not hate the dirty man on the street because that is his way of life. You will not hate him if someone is following a crook or a criminal as guru. You will not hate if someone is worshipping a stone or grave or a tree or clouds or moon because that is his way of doing things and he has a right to do that.
Thus respecting others different point of view where you yourself don't agree is harmony. I believe every man has freedom to have different view to any extent provided his dissent doesn't affect or violates others freedom. 
When you or your nation grows to become civilized you begin to respect dissent. I believe the British people who ruled almost the whole world have learnt this secret with the years that respecting dissent means becoming civilized. The result of recent referendum is perhaps retrograde in this respect.  

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