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Kartarpur Corridor: A Steering Committee Formed
On  October 5, 2008, a seminar was organized by 'Sangat Langha Kartarpur' at the historic Sant Singh Sukha Singh (4S) school of Amritsar. Prominent personalities that participated in the seminar were:
  1. Famous cricketer, TV artist and statesman Navjot Singh Sidhu MP
  2. Jathedar Kuldip Singh Wadala founder president Kartarpur Ravi Darshan Abhilakhi Sanstha, an organization agitating for free corridor to Kartarpur for 8 years
  3. S. Jivtesh Singh Maini, IAS, former DC of Gurdaspur in which Dera Baba Nanak falls and presently the only Sikh Secretary serving with Govt of India, Delhi.
  4. S. Manjit Singh Calcutta former minister and former Secretary Shromani Gurdwara Parbandhik Committee
  5. S. Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa ex MLA Dera Baba Nanak and former Parliamentary Secretary
  6. Dr. Jairup Singh Vice Chancellor Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar ( Didn’t speak)
  7. Sh. Shavet Mallik, Mayor, Municipal Corporation Amritsar (Didn’t speak)
  8. Dr. S.S.Walia, Registrar Baba Farid Medical University (Didn’t speak)
  9. Dr. (Mrs.) Jasjit Chhachhi, the famous Gynecologist
  10. S. Jagdish Singh Director 4S Institutions Amritsar
  11. Dr. H.S.Soch former Vice Chancellor, Guru Nanak Dev University
  12. Gurinder Singh Bajwa, politician who unsuccessfully contested the last Batala assembly constituency
  13. S. Tridevish Singh Maini, Delhi (journalist) author of South Asia Peace through Two Punjabs
  14. S. Charanjit Singh Gumtala, president, Amritsar Vikas Manch
  15. Harbhajan Singh Brar President Sain Mian Mir Foundation   
  16. Husnal Charag  a known thinker and writer                                                                                                                                                                                                        
The seminar was presided over by the world famous ophthalmologist Dr. Daljit Singh a Padamshree awardee by Govt of India. Dr. Singh is the president of Sangat Langha Kartarpur. Secretarial services were rendered by B.S.Goraya the author of these lines.
On the proposal of Advocate R.S.Bindra, Navjot Singh Sidhu and Wadala agreed on the formation of a Steering Committee on Kartarpur Corridor issue in which the following members were taken:
1.      Navjot Singh Sidhu, MP
2.      Jathedar Kuldip Singh Wadala
3.      Dr. Daljit Singh D.Sc.
4.      S. Manjit Singh Calcutta
5.      S. Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa ex MLA
6.      Dr. (Mrs.) Jasjit Chhachhi,
7.      S. Jagdish Singh Director
8.      Gurinder Singh Bajwa
9.      Advocate R.S.Bindra
10.  T.S.Maini
11.  B.S.Goraya, editor Punjab Monitor and Servant Secretary Sangat Langha Kartarpur
Navjot Singh Sidhu  assured the audience that he would take up the Corridor issue to the Parliament right in the next session.
Dr. Chhachhi displayed an impressive slide show of Kartarpur sahib and the audience was enthralled at the display of satellite pictures of Kartarpur sahib and its surroundings.
Every speaker, without any exception, stressed the need of opening of corridor to Kartarpur the first ever shrine of Sikhs which is revered by Muslims and Hindus also and how it is important in view of the ongoing Peace Process.
At the close of seminar the president moved the following resolution:-
"This seminar of intellectuals and statesmen unanimously and humbly appeals to the Govts of India and Pakistan that the Corridor to Kartarpur Sahib the universal shrine revered by all faiths; Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs alike, be opened as early as possible. Founded by Baba Nanak himself, Kartarpur sahib is a very important shrine of the Sikhism where Guru Nanak finally passed away. A riddle for historians to solve, there exist three mausoleums of the Guru. Very close to Indian border, it is in Pakistan and is clearly visible from Indian side. Right from Partition days people have been craving for its darshan but after a movement for Corridor was started in April 2001 the longing of people has become stronger. Its opening has become of immense importance; psychologically speaking once the people see something before their eyes but are not able to reach it, the craving to reach it becomes stronger. The yearning of masses is increasing day by day. After the movement for corridor was started millions of people have seen it from distance and hundreds of peaceful prayers on the border have been done. Beeline of devotees to have a glimpse of shrine can be seen on any day. This seminar requests the respective administrations to realize the magnitude of the importance of this issue well in time. It is therefore resolved that the respective Govts may be humbly appealed to take effective steps on this important point and requested to make arrangements for opening of corridor. On experimental basis this can be done for selected days especially Gurpurabs the holy days of Sikhism and then opened on all days basis. Since this seminar is aware of the topography of the area (a river falls in between) it is suggested that to reconstruct the passage the still surviving strong pillars of the rail cum road Kartarpur bridge which was destroyed during the 1965 war might be made use of,."
The resolution was unanimously passed.



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