Wednesday 23 September 2015

Five LoC points to be opened from Nov 7

Five LoC points to be opened from Nov 7

B.S GorayaOct 31, 2005
countries to open trade routes connecting both sides,”
said an Indian official, who attended the talks headed
by Mr Dilip Sinha, Joint Secretary of Indian External
Affairs Ministry, and Mr Syed Ibne Abbas,
Director-General (South Asia), in Pakistan’s Foreign

The two sides, however, failed to reach an agreement
on the Indian proposal to permit quake-affected people
living close to LOC to avail of facilities at relief
camps as all major routes from Pakistan and POK
Capital, Muzaffarabad were blocked by landslides.

Significantly, the joint statement said the same
parameters and procedures being followed for the
Srinagar-Muzaffarabad bus service would be applied for
permitting people to cross the divide.

Technically, it meant that Indians and Pakistanis,
besides Kashmiris, could avail of the facility. But
Pakistan later insisted that the facility was only
meant for Kashmiris.

Pakistan Foreign Office spokesperson Tasnim Aslam said
even though it was not mentioned in the joint
statement, the facility was only for Kashmiris. “Yes
it is not mentioned. But it is only for Kashmiris,”
she clarified today. — PTI

Amritsar, East Punjab (India)

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