Wednesday 23 September 2015

Ambassador Mcdonalds continues campaign on Kartarpur Peace Corridor

4680Ambassador Mcdonalds continues campaign on Kartarpur Peace Corridor

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Bhabishan Singh GorayaFeb 16, 2010
Ambassador Mcdonalds continues campaign on Kartarpur Peace Corridor

The legendry global peace maker Mr. McDonald visited the site of proposed Kartarpur Sahib Corridor at Dera Baba Nanak District Gurdaspur, India on June 20, 2008. Mr. McDonald is a career diplomat for over 40 years. He has been associated with United Nations for 16 years. He heads an organisation called Institute of Multi-Track Diplomacy (IMTD) which is engaged in noble cause of peace building the world over. He has been involved in Kashmir issue as well. He is being credited for peace bus in the Kashmir conflict zone namely Sri Nagar –Muzzafarabad bus service.
During the above visit he resolved to undertake the materialization of Corridor demand of the Punjabis. Mr. McDonald agreed that Kartarpur holds a great potential for peace because there being three tombs of an individual that represented the three communities in the region namely Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs. Mr. McDonald was then accompanied by Dr. Eileen Borris and Mrs. Elizabeth Murray, his colleagues in IMTD. Mr. McDonald visited Kartarpur Corridor site on the invitation of a Sikh writer and journalist Tridevish Singh Maini.
His visit to Corridor site was immediately followed by the Indian Foreign Minister Mr. Pranab Mukherjee who announced that a feasibility of Corridor plan will be got worked out, though he welcomed the corridor demand in principle and appreciated that such peace proposals were healthy signs for the peace in region.
We are surprised to note that despite his advanced age Mr. McDonald (87years) is true to his words and the peace corridor is still in his mind. A week back we had written to his secretary to know progress (if any) on Peace Corridor and Mr. IMTD has sent a page in reply which lists some of the activities of IMTD on this peace project. Please see:-

You can also see the site of IMTD:

We were really delighted to know that this legendary peace maker is still walking on the Kartarpur Peace Corridor. We are sure he will be able to accomplish this great international peace task very soon. May Guru Nanak bless Mr. McDonald a long healthy life.

It is reminded that Sikh sangats are continuing a peace agitation demanding a free passage to Kartarpur sahib in Pakistan. Kartarpur sahib where Guru Nanak breathed his last is 3.5 kms from Indian border. It be noted that Pakistan has agreed to allow pilgrims even without passport or visa but the Indian government is strangely not allowing its citizens to visit Pakistani territory. The irony is that Indian security is not at all jeopardized in Indian citizen visiting foreign land and on the contrary Pakistani military establishments stand exposed. It is also worth noting that Indian Prime Minister (Attal Bihari Vajpayee) himself demanded a similar corridor for Hindu pilgrims visiting Kailash Man Sarovar in Tibet China.
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Bhabishan Singh Goraya

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