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B.S Goraya
Jul 17, 2005
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Respected Sadh Sangat Jio
Fateh Khalsa
Yesterday we visited the border town of Dera Baba
Nanak (DBN) for our monthly prayers for the opening of
Corridor to First Gurdwara of Sikhism: Kartarpur Sahib
which is situated on Indo-Pak border inside the
Pakistan territory. Indian Border Security Force has
also now displayed a big sign board on Dhussi band.
But they didn't allow us to take its photograph.
We also learnt that joint surveys by the respective
departments of India and Pakistan are being conducted.
It is being hoped that Corridor may be a reality on
Sept.22, 2005 i.e joti jot purab of Baba Nanak.
It is also likely that the old rail cum road link
between Jassarh and DBN is also restored as in any
case a bridge on Raavi will have to be constructed.
Indian Army had bombarded and demolished it in the
1965 Indo-Pak war. It is also learnt that the Pakistan
may insist on entry of the Sikh pilgrimage Jathas from
DBN instead of Wagah and take the Jatha directly to
Punja Sahib thus skipping Lahore.
But there is something to be worried about also. The
Akalis have become active on corridor issue. The party
which remained silent on the issue for the last five
years was first to thwart the move when it passed a
resolution in 2001 in the SGPC executive that it will
be sufficient if the Govt installed telescopes to view
the shrine.
Yesterday a congregation of about 2000 Sikhs was there
in Dera Baba Nanak Gurdawra to welcome Bibi Jagir Kaur
the President SGPC. Bibi was particularly vocal on
Corridor. She said intensive efforts are being made
towards this end. She has visited on the invitation of
Nirmal Singh Kahlon the local leader who was defeated
by the Congress candidate Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa.
We hope readers are aware that Randhawa has been
extending support to the corridor demand. Last month
he inaugurated a gateway to corridor. What we fear
most is that in case the corridor materialisation
becomes imminent the Akalis may consider it the
triumph of Randhawa and Wadala and may thus make
attempts to sabotage it. It is clarified that the top
Akali leadership has adopted the path of sycophancy of
the fanatic Hindu organisations. May Guru Baba Nanak
protect us. We have become helpless otherwise.
In the meanwhile we distributed more than 500
pamphlets in the Sangat at DBN informing it of the
kartoots (misdeeds) of Akalis at the great displeasure
of our Akali brothers who had no reply to our
Kartarpur Kooker

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